Easy to get, easy to use

  • Order online and at Service Points

    Excelera Prepaid MasterCard can be simply ordered online at an Excelera Service Point in the country. To order your card you must be minimum 18 years old and be a Romanian citizen or have a registered address in Romania. Pick up your ready card from an Excelera Service Point, also for online orders, or get it shipped to your address by Postal Services or Courier.

  • Pay worldwide

    Pay across the globe at MasterCard partners, busineses and retailers, in stores or online. Your Excelera Prepaid MasterCard can convert over 100 currencies and is valid in 210 countries and territories worldwide making it the ideal companion for your travels abroad. When going online your UK issued card presents huge advantages in comparison with other cards issued in Romania in terms of beeing accepted.

  • Send & Receive money

    Send money instantly Card-to-Card to any other Excelera Prepaid MasterCard and programs administrated by us and send money to persons and businesses by connecting your card to PayPal. Receive money in RON conveniently by bank transfer through your personal IBAN account number. Choosing our Ultimate Package you enjoy Card-to-Card Transfer and incoming bank transfers free of charge.

  • Load & Withdraw Cash

    Load cash on your card instantly and conveniently with up to 1.000 RON per day at over 2200 Zebrapay Terminals. Cash withdrawals are available through Euronet ATM’s and more than 10.000 other ATM’s in Romania. Travelling abroad your card is accepted at over 3 million ATM’s in over 210 countries and territories. Choosing the Ultimate Package gives from free and unlimited cash withdrawals at over 500 Euronet ATM’s in the country.

  • No strings attached

    Our cards can simply be ordered online or at Service Points with a 14-day money back guarantee. You can only spend what you load, it will never put you in debt. Without balance your card remains open 6 months and closes automatically if not reloaded. We never perform credit checks or send your data to credit agencies. No need for proof of income unless you wish to extend standard limits. No penalties, no late interest. Guaranteed!

Versatile and Flexible

  • Personal IBAN Account Number

    Each of our cards comes with a personal IBAN account number. It is the item which makes our card most comparable to bank issued cards and allows them to be used for personal business. Transfer money from your bank account, receive your salary and other payments made to you in RON. Administrate your account through the free Online Banking application, create, download and print account statements.

  • Link with e-wallets

    Link in to external payment systems and e-wallets and extend the functionality of your card. Applications like PayPal, Mobilpay and Apple Wallet allow you to send money (PayPal), pay bills, top-up your mobile phone credit, pay for road tax (Mobilpay) and effect merchant payments in partner stores (Mobilpay and Apple Wallet) and online (all operators), often allowing you to leave your card at home and pay by Smartphone.

  • Use for your business

    Use the card in many business situations. Order cards for your employees to use them instead of cash, reduce cost for paying salaries and bonuses. Using an Excelera Prepaid MasterCard not only gives you a good deal for your business and all the tools you need (individual IBAN, Account Statements, Online Banking) but also protects your funds in difficult times. Contact Excelera Corporate Services for more information.

  • Works even when times are rough

    As a re-loadable payment product issued under a e-money license your Excelera Prepaid MasterCard will never let you down and will continue to work even in the most challenging situations you are facing. All over Europe prepaid cards are seen as a payment solution which gives you continuous access to the financial system with the scope to redress from financial difficulties.

  • Extensible Limits

    Your card comes with a standard load limit of 44.000 RON / year and 4.000 RON / day cumulated from all load possibilities. If you wish to extend these limits you apply to do so by providing us a proof of income well beyond the standard limit for approval. In case you receive remittances exceeding the annual limit we will contact you and guide you through the upgrade process, exceeding daily loads will be reversed to the sender.

Best value for your money

  • Three packages to choose from

    Excelera offers you the choice between 3 carefully created packages, GO!, Essential and Ultimate, to adapt to your lifestyle and needs. You get exactly what you see without ever paying too much due to hidden fees. Basically spoken the higher the annual administration fee is the lower the usage fees are and more free services are included. If you choose the basic option (Plan Go!) you have no recurrent fees but pay a little bit more on the go. It’s your choice!

  • Convenient fees

    Our fees are among the lowest for prepaid cards worldwide and can easily compete with products issued by all major banks in Romania. By choosing the right package for your lifestyle and usage profile you keep the overall annual cost very low. The use of Online Banking is free of charges for all packages. If something changes in your life we offer you the flexibility to up- or downgrade your profile once a year free of charge.

  • No purchase commissions

    Purchase with your card in all package plans at retailers and businesses in Romania free of commission, no matter if you are at a store or perform an online transaction. Extend free purchasing throughout Europe with the Essential Package and conquer the world with the Ultimate Package, beeing the most recommended and economic package for international online transactions and frequent travelling.

  • Send, receive and withdraw money for free

    Receiving money through Card-to-Card transfers is free of charge in all package plans, sending is free if you opt for the Ultimate package. Incoming amounts by bank transfer are free of charge in Ultimate package plan, other package plans are subject to a flat fee. Cash withdrawals at over 500 Euronet ATM’s in Romania are free of charge in Ultimate plan, other package plans charge a low percentage from the withdrawn amount (0.2% for Essential or 0.5% for GO!).

  • Free Online Banking

    Excelera’s own Online Banking application, e-banking.online, is accessible over the website and can be used in all package plans free of charge 24/7. It allows you to send money Card-to-Card, check your balance, verify all transactions online up to 6 months back and to create, download and print account statements with historical data. You can also add your personal profile pic or avatar and maintain your personal data.

Safe and Secure

  • No penalties, late interest

    Excelera Prepaid MasterCard is a e-money product providing, despite some limitations, many advantages for the cardholder. It will never create you debt as you can spend only what you loaded previously, never charge penalties or calculate late interest making it perfectly safe as a first card for newcomers in the financial system and attractive to people skeptic to or disappointed by the banking system. You exactly get what you buy, no contract or strings attached.

  • No credit checks

    We never perform credit checks or send data to credit agencies. Transactions made with your card will never affect your credit score and you are not able to accumulate any debt, penalties or late interest. We will also never ask for proof of income or financial status unless you wish to upgrade your card over the regular load limits. All of the provided data will remain confidential and will be never used for any other purpose than operating your card.

  • UK issued

    Your card will be issued under UK laws and regulations by Euronet 360 Finance Limited, London. Our program is fully licensed by MasterCard and notified to the Romanian national bank. Beeing identified as a UK issued card by retailers and business we face much fewer restrictions in worldwide acceptance, especially using it for online transactions, than cards issued even by the most reputable international banks operating in Romania.

  • Customer Support & Call Center

    We enjoy communicating with our cardholders. For any enquires about your card, transactions and Online Banking we welcome you at our Customer Support Line from Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00. In case of an emergency out of these times and for reissuing your PIN-Code (a fee applies) we ask you to contact the Euronet Call Center operating 24/7 under +40 21 222 333 6. Instructions and forms for chargebacks can be found in Online Banking.

  • Privacy & Security

    We keep your personal data private and safe. Details about you and your usage will never be revealed to any third party unless it is needed in the scope of issuing and maintaining your card operational. We might contact you from time to time to renew expired documents. You have the right to request the data we hold about you at any time. Please read also our Privacy Statement in the legal section of this website.

Excelera is the right choice for you if:

you are 18 or older

The minimun age to apply for a card is 18.

you are a resident of Romania

You must hold a romanian passport or be a resident of Romania.

you provide a proof of your registered address

You need a utility bill or bank statement to confirm your registered address.

you pay frequent online

A prepaid card is the most recommended payment instrument when it comes to online payments.

you are in financial difficulties

Our card will literally never let you down.

you don′t need to have a regular income

We never check your credit history or request a proof of salary.


Excelera Prepaid MasterCards® are issued by Euronet 360 Finance Ltd., registration number 6928422, address: 6th Floor, Watson House, 54 Baker Street, London W1U7BU. E360F is authorized for e-money issuing in UK by the Financial Conduct Authority under license number 900009.

The Excelera Prepaid MasterCard® program is administrated by SCnet Payment Services SRL., Registration number at the registry of commerce J12/1301/2014, EU-VAT: RO33041180, address: Aleea Baisoara 9/16, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county, Romania.